For her debut novel, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Nancy Weston has hit it miles out of the park. Her story holds appeal for all generations. She dives deep into the psyches of immigrant family members from Scotland and Germany, painting intimate portraits complete with rich, native idiom.

She skillfully captures the complexities of familial relationships and friendships sometimes made more difficult by mental illness and alcoholism. She touches on themes of sexuality and religion.

You will cheer on Izy as she follows a circuitous route to corporate uber success. There is absolutely nothing trite or predictable.

Never assume an outcome—enjoy the perfectly-paced journey to the next stop, it is rife with vivid descriptions of even minor details. Whatever the subject matter—ancestral language, aerobatics, heart surgery, medical devices—Nancy gives you first-person rendering enhanced with meticulous research.

You will fall in love with every character, depicted with warts and all and without judgment. The backdrop of historical events will resonate for baby boomers. Nancy’s book will make you laugh and cry and think; it will stay with you for a long time.

Janet Basilone,


Founder, Fine Diners Over 40

 And Fiverr Pro Editor

Isabella has much to learn and much to contribute; but first she will need to stop excaping her life and the specter that shadows her, turn and go right right at it!

WINNER! - Happy Bookers Book Club

Couldn't believe Missy stayed in the marriage!  Didn't like Francy!  Can't help getting invested in these characters.  The surgery read was fascinating and I loved the historical content!  

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about the author

Ms. Weston has used words and writing her entire life.  Technical writing, journaling, short stories, poetry and novels.  She would say, "My career was about what I do.  But writing is who I am.  

Joyously, this is what she is doing now and it turns out, Ms. Weston is a story teller!  

Writing about the people and experiences in her life, she tells a story that is real, honest and strong.  These characters are vibrant and at the end, you won't want to let go of them; they will stay with you and so will the story they have to tell.

This story has been in my heart and mind for a long time.  I love Isabella! Wish I could have been more like her in my youth.  You will have to decide about her specter for yourself: hero, villain, tragedy or triumph.  Read it and let's talk.

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