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Nancy  and Mary

A love letter from Mary and her daughter, to the caregivers of Alzheimer's patients - so you know you are not alone!


A beautiful, sensitive and remarkable rendering of these two women’s journey.  Ms. Weston remains a vivid, lovely writer!  The emphasis, or depth of courage maintained through all the pain was amazing; as well as her mom’s fight to maintain her dignity, really screams.  Marilyn Rubenstein, San Clemente, California.


First and foremost, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to read Valley of Shadows. I am currently experiencing the effects of what dementia does to a family, and it was a great feeling to know I’m not alone in my struggles, even though it does feel that way at times. Your words allowed me the freedom of my feelings  without the guilt that usually goes along with them. My understanding of the process has been opened while allowing me the ability to know, while all cases are different, the devastation it can have on the loved ones is universal and that I am not being cruel or hateful in my feelings but I am being honest and doing my best with what we have been handed through this horrible disease. Thank you so much for telling your story and giving a voice and light to the sometimes dark and silent anguish we all experience as caregivers to our loved ones. Darcy Hall-Scott, San Juan Capistrano, California.

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FROM the author

Before I can devote myself to my next novel, this is a story I have to share.  It is my mother Mary's story, her journey through Alzheimer's Disease.

Mom was brave - not because she realized her enemy and squared off to defend herself.  She was lost in a strange world where absolutely nothing made sense and yet she battled.



I love to write.  I have to write.  During this journey, as her companion and navigator, I wrote to process and sustain myself so I could be there for her.  This three year memoir is the product of our shared journey: mom and me in Alzheimer's bleak landscape.  It is short and I hope it will be of help to anyone who reads it and know you are not alone.

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